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Private Lessons

Having a significant portion of students taking private lessons from a specialist on their specific instrument is a key component to a successful band program, and we strongly encourage this for all of our all of our band students. Below is a list of lessons teachers that we recommend. 


Tammi Powell - Flute- 205-533-3333


Karla Roberts (comes to Simmons)- Flute and Saxophone- 205-639-4552


Anna Stoney- Clarinet (comes to Simmons)- 205-253-6640


Tabitha Robinson- Clarinet- 


Angelica Malkowski- Flute/Oboe/Saxophone (comes to Simmons)- 859-684-3958


Siobhan Ciulla- oboe


Tyler Turner- Saxophone (all- alto, tenor, bari)- 205-915-8256


Cynthia Chambless (comes to Simmons)- French Horn-


James Baker- French Horn- 205-540-5468


Harry McAfee (comes to Simmons)- Trumpet AND French Horn- 205-516-3909


**Nicholas Ciulla- Trumpet- 330-416-6712 


Anthony Strickland- trombone/baritone-


Alex Taylor (comes to Simmons)- tuba/baritone/trombone- 205-613-3357


Rowdy Giles (comes to Simmons)- tuba/baritone/trombone- 205-541-6870


Chris Moore (comes to Simmons)-


Chanse Nelson- percussion


**=Alabama Symphony Member

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